Cataclysmic Cuisine

Greetings forum dwellers,

I was wondering what other players have their survivors eat early, mid and late game. Honestly it seems cooked meat is good just about all the time, given the relative scarcity of some of the other choices (and because farming is hard for some vegetables, e.g tomatos). However with the advent of the minifridge previously unsustainable food sources become tenable since spoilage is not as big an issue.

The way I see it, food is really only good for nutrition and flavor (no pun intended). The morale bonuses are sign ficant insome foods, but unnecessary by the time you can cook them since your skills are already quite high by then. Consequently I stick to cooked meat and the occasional lasagne, meat pie, vegetable soup etc.

So what are your survivors dining on?

i eat mostly uncooked things only sometimes i make some simple food what need only fire or/and water (like burrito from frozen burrito) cooked meat i eat mosly after moose or wolf attack

Mostly raw meat with purified water, or crisps and cola if I’m on the road. Too lazy to make a fire and cook things over it.

Often a combination of cooked meat, scrambled eggs, cooked veggies, broth and oatmeal. All ingredients are easily scavenged.

smoked meat ftw!

De/Re-hydrated meat (courtesy of my mobile base kitchen buddy), and water. If I’m really starving, meat soup.

Tea and pastries,for a real meal i just make a deluxe oatmeal and even more tea. Yes i am wearing a top hat,monocle and a nice suit.

Early: Canned, unheated food/ Cooked meat
Mid: Heated up meals/homecooked hot meals occasionally
Late: Make every delicious food imaginable

I generally pile all of my cooking appliances, food, and ingredients into a single room and craft whatever food item sounds fun for me at the time.

I just ate chocolate pancakes.

Eating different things every day is fun.

Apples. Lots and lots of apples.

I tend to subsist on various soda pop and fresh fruit and veg for the first few days, then rely on cooked meat and whatever dried food I happen to find. I use a very nomadic playstyle, bounching from town to town dodging zomzoms and grabbing what I can find. Soda never become obsolete though, its simply provides to good of a caffine and moral boost to ever stop picking up (unless Im overencumbered of course.)

Long road trips eventaly end in just eating cooked meat from wildlife i’v chased down and stabbed to death.

Mainly, I just eat pizza like the nerd enthuastic person I am. Plus pizza is a vegetable now, haven’t you heard?
Well, I hope my plant person can eat it, because we just ran out of veggies besides pizza… And soda.
Basically I play as the Pizza Delivery Man.
Except in a heavily armored APC Super Fast Shopping Cart Of Awesomeness that has no seatbelt. Or breaks.
Usually I starve to death in the Cart Of The Holy Pizza.

[glow=red,2,300]HUMAN FLESH!!![/glow]

I shall eat your flesh blackops for previously stated reasons.

I find it slightly hilarious that eggs and milk are categorized as “Flesh”.

Anything I can get my survivor to keep down. Usually I’ll cook it but enh. XD depends what’s chasing me.

Last time I was some kind of carnivorous bull cow man (i love playing mutant roulette) so I guess it’s ‘whatever my mutations dictate’.

Deluxe scrambled eggs. The meal of exploring champions. There’s just too little point in making anything “better”. Well, unless it quenches you too.
Hmm… guess it’s time to try a cooking character and see what’s up.

Broth and fruit juice (yummy!) all days.

biscuits and the contents of vending machines I hit with my truck. the alarms don’t go off if you run them over with your truck, though you do risk damaging some of the goods. mmmm chocolate drink.

Well, lets see, this morning I baked a set of lovely brioche buns that I paired with some home-made strawberry jam.

And then I proceeded to beat a tough zombie to death with a leftover bun, because I didn’t realize I was -w-ielding it. Guess my inventory was full when I picked them up…