Little (programmable) tip for improve your mid and late game experience

First, excuse me if I fall in grammar mistakes (speak in English is a challenge for me).

I want to share with you a little tip that has radically change my mid and late game experience.
We all know that game becomes somewhat less interesting once you reach a certain point of tech development. Well, at this point you can improve your game experience much more than it would think about, applying a simple rule (better if you define it’s variants in a paper before you start playing; you can name that rule ‘Destiny’):

After x days in game (in my case, this ‘x’ is ‘= 20’) go to “world options” and modify the following values:

i) Increase/decrease y points distance between cities, and Increase/decrease z points size of the cities (the changes are going to be more perceptible, or at less, sooner, if the modification value is high).

ii) Increase p points monsters spawning ratio, and increase q points monsters evolution ratio.


(I play in spanish, so maybe this options in english had different names)

Obviously, this rule has other interesting possibilities. For example, (always after x time: ) DECREASE p monsters spawning ratio but INCREASE p***n** monsters evolution ratio. Or the same but decreasing too the world items spawning ratio.

With this rule (at proper values), you are going to change not only the tactics but the strategy for the long term game. Some times you are going to be very ingenious if you want survive. Or commit suicide.

Other “Destiny” rule ideas and experiences with them are welcome (this is why I’m doing a new post, instead of commenting in any previous ones).

Oh! Here is an extra ball: Playing with ascii graphics is much much much much more immersive than tiles (and beautiful!). Darker, more disturbing, more melancholic… BETTER! Don’t lost this experience only because first annoying 2 hours before you start “seeing” ascii’s magic.

God save Cataclysm DDA!

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