"list out all affected traits and decide what to do with them" a la the Wounds project

So, from this,
I’ll read the mutations.json down to up, and list out which mutations could interfere with Korg’s wound system. Also there won’t be any concluding text at the bottom, so I’ll just pre-end this with saying that these are my immediate thoughts and I will probably be here to respond to feedback (as well as updating it if part 3 of the discussion video provides anything interesting):

  • Shark teeth
    Any broken teeth (if ever implemented) would be replaced rather quickly.

  • Freshwater Osmosis
    As part 2 of Erk and Korg discussing wounds says, this would apply some kind of slowdown on how fast you suffocate if your trachea is busted and your skin happens to be wet.

  • Lidless Eyes
    Like the one above (and what will be copied to Nictating Membrane), part 2 of the discussion video, these would provide a marginal damage resistance to the eyes.

  • Acid Blood
    Because the prerequisite mutation for this is Acidproof, the player won’t be affected - but invading pathogens (those not resistant to acid), such as those on your skin and in the air (except for the ones that managed to survive on acidic zombies) upon bleeding, would die. This could produce a sort of inherent disinfecting effect (also for the purpose of dissolving up debris getting in the way of your accelerated wound healing).

  • Acidproof
    Yet again, like part 2 of the discussion mentions (this time about aerosolized acid), would not produce lung scarring with this trait, yet may have some trouble picking up oxygen (though not nearly as much trouble as normal, with your lungs being at full functional capacity) with the smog getting in the way. Also the player will more obviously not suffer any chemical burns anywhere else.

  • Leg tentacles
    (Am tired of referring to the second video) Tentacles for legs would mostly mean 100% muscle legs (firstly making there being no bones to break), therefore we can now staunch any bleeding for an above-knee trauma amputation without our femur getting in the way.

  • the Shell mutations
    Piercing attacks that break the shell and stab our insides would leave us having a very hard time staunching the bleeding, since the rest of the shell would obviously get in the way of us reaching.

  • Tentacle Arms
    Same as the leg tentacles: 100% muscle limb would mean there’s no bone to get in the way of applying pressure to a severed limb.

  • Insect/Arachnid Limbs
    Thin individual arms I think would not contribute to bleeding out within the hour if severed by themselves.

  • Roots (Feet/Hair)/Vines
    If there’s blood flowing through these, then treat it the same as the above Insect/Arachnid Limbs, except you might just ignore them to simplify the system.

  • everything Slime
    An amorphous body is something a little too complicated to imagine dealing with right now, especially due to the wounds system being in its infancy & the fact that I’m sitting up late at night typing this

  • Beaks
    Treat the same as the shells; piercing attacks that cause bleeding underneath would make it very difficult for you to staunch the flow, save for pouring in hemostatic powder.

  • Nausea propensity
    Attacks to your gut might make you vomit.

  • Bone density
    I thought it might be relevant to mention, but I don’t have anything specific to add beyond the obvious easy-to-break-ness of bones.

  • Wings/Ears/Tail(s)/Horns (including Antennae)
    Just other limbs for pain-making.

  • Eyestalks
    Same as Lidless Eyes (well Eyestalks actually already has this); some damage resist to eyes.

  • Body size
    Changes the amount of blood your system holds.

  • Radiogenic
    Could allow to close out scars quicker than usual to regain full function, but not really help trying to survive.

  • Any hard body armors such as Epicuticle that don’t have veins coursing through them:
    The same as shells and Beak; hard to mend bleeding from piercing attacks.

  • Gills
    If these trickle oxygen into your bloodstream directly, could be worth considering to track damage to separately (if not located on a typically easy-to-attack part of the neck, due to never coming into play)

  • Frog Eyes
    Apparently protects your eyes against stuff too

  • Nictating Membrane
    Protection for eyes

  • Reptilian Healing
    Potentially can play a big part in allowing to regenerate lost limbs (if they don’t kill you), but could get in the way of prosthetics superior to your human anatomy (like described in part 2 of the discussion, robotic legs would work like legs do now, pre-wounds update).

  • general superregenerative ability
    Can potentially get up to closing out wounds from structural integrity failure levels with a simple hour break, but removing the mangling score would take more time. The chimera one would perhaps be the only way to let you recover from near-death to perfect (regardless of how unlikely it you’d -barely- exit the fight safely) a day, at best.

  • more hp/less hp
    Multipliers for limb tolerance to punishment

  • stuff like Imperceptive Healer
    Already covered by the part 2 of discussion, but specifically this trait should, in combination with the “blob healing” or whatever, be way less than “realistic” human recuperation levels. At least, is what I think was said.

  • Bad Knees
    Lower threshold to getting your knees capped

  • Strong Back/Bad Back
    Perhaps could relate to another part of the “Wounds” workflow, by adding a type of permanent injury resulting from chronic overburdening.

  • Kaluptic Psychosis
    Don’t forget to rename this to “Kaluptomania”, as one of you in part 2 so lovingly said

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