Easily implemented uses for less useful mutations (and other ideas)

I’m lucky I managed to make it out of the lab in one piece. With my flask, no less. “But is what we did humane? Turning people into birdlike creatures behind caged glass? Would mother agree?” I ask myself, barreling down the road at 80 miles an hour with a broken headlight in the middle of the night. Mother surely wouldn’t approve of turning people into mindless creatures, bent only on eating one another in some social Darwinist fantasy world. Of course, my mother is at this very moment being controlled by the thing we had set out experimenting with, as was the entire group of schoolchildren standing on the road, just entering my field of view. Panicking, I dive from my vehicle. “Lucky bird experiments, I wish I had their wings.”

Idea: Wings prevent some or all damage when jumping from a moving vehicle, allowing the player to glide or at the very least slow their movement by catching the oncoming wind. Simply add a check on whether the player has one of these traits during the vehicle dive process, and if so, do something with the damage. Elaborated Here

“Furries” I mumble as I hit the pavement, shattering an arm. If only the director wasn’t one. I should have realized it earlier. Over half of the team had some sort of costume stashed in their locker. The team’s unusual fascination with crossing man and mammal, or bird, and that one girl always wearing cat ears to the lab. The absurd enthusiasm etched in the team’s peer-reviewed journals. “Why couldn’t they have been normal like me?” I blurt out through tear-filled eyes as I limp through the pain and off the road and into the woods, “Why couldn’t they have wanted to be a fish?”

Ah, I’m coming up on a house. I must be on the edge of town. See, the thing those schmucks so underestimated about fish is that fish, always in water, never get thirsty. I’m so thirsty. Maybe I should drink the flask? No, out of the fishbowl? No. The perfect creatures, fish are. They can filter some pretty nasty stuff out of that elixir of life, water. The best of them are even able to separate water from the saline abyss in which they swim. If only I could drink salt water, I would be able to drink out of the fishbowl, not the damned toilet. Urgh.

Idea: Gills (or some post-threshold mutation) allow the player to drink either saltwater or untreated water (or one and not the other, up to you), and on a trait check, gain quench sans poisoning. This should add at least a little more usefulness to a mutation line that (until more underwater stuff is added) is a bit nerfed. Elaborated Here

Slaked, though feeling a bit queasy. And in so much pain. If only I had fins, I wouldn’t have to bandage up this shattered arm. Looking around the house, there’s a flyer for The Little Mermaid 13: King Triton Gets Glasses (which I had so desired to see), 4 pots, ammunition for a firearm of some sort, a welder, a coat… and about a dozen infected in the courtyard, along with some chips. Mmm, chips. But infected, so I should draw the blinds.

Idea: Pressure bomb. Pressure cookers have been used to make explosive devices all throughout the 21st century. Two pots welded together, and the right stuff on the inside, should produce a sizable blast radius from an otherwise less lethal charge. Should augment a pretty short EXPLOSIVE tab in WEAPONS. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pressure_cooker_bomb

Idea: Timer. With sufficient electronics skill, a lighter to ignite or some added scrap for a pull mechanism, and a timepiece, most explosives could use the same timer function that the C-4 and mininuke employ. Dynamite with a longer timer and a few EMP grenades set to go off at the same time for use in a trap are a few applications that come to mind. Speaking of ignition…

Idea: Remote trigger. An application for the radio, outside of NPC interaction and making noise. The same parts used in a timer, just with something capable of receiving a frequency replacing a timepiece. Really just flag an explosive device, then on some sending item’s use, activate the flagged explosives.

Other ideas:

Idea: Oxyhydrogen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqjn3mup1So . Practical applications post-apocalypse abound. Granted, you don’t need to go through all the effort he did to make a fancy-looking cell. Electrolysis is really quite easy, and the addition of a survivalist’s low explosive would be quite useful. Just be careful to avoid the fringe science. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxyhydrogen

Idea: Reloaded 40mm. It’s a bit odd that the player can make reloaded 40mm buckshot, flechette, and acid, while also being able to make reloaded incendiary rounds and smoke bombs and teargas canisters, but not reloaded 40mm incendiary, reloaded 40mm smoke cover, or reloaded 40mm teargas. Even when those items already exist. Someone just needs to make recipes for them.

Idea: Acid pump. While on the topic of the underutilized launchers skill, it also strikes me as a bit odd that there are multiple applications of the flamethrower, and multiple applications of acid, but no acid sprayer. Little more than a flamethrower with less flame and gasoline, but more corrosive chemicals being spewed in the direction of creatures that don’t yet have enough corrosive chemicals on their person.

Idea: Shakelight. You’ve seen these before. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VD1zo5ZEN0 . A magnet that slides through a coil generates an alternating current which goes through an AC/DC converter and powers a battery. It produces little in the way of light, but could be very important for the early game, before the player has found a ton of batteries.

I love the ideas!

Interesting presentation, formatting could use some help. (Blank lines plz! That’s a pretty big block of text!)

Wings v. diving from vehicle: Seems like the sort of thing that would cause trouble going out the car door? your wing catches the wind and blows you out of control?? I could accept unfurling 'em and air-braking (with a bit of a jump) to get off your bike in a Hurry, but that’s kinda involved to code.

Water-handling: Saline would be tough and require us to make different water terrains (saltwater Fish v. freshwater). Can revisit once we have a coastline/ocean.
Non-Clean water, sure, once there’s underwater for Fish, I’d do that.

No real opinion on the others.

And welcome to the forums. :slight_smile:

[quote=“KA101, post:3, topic:6057”]Interesting presentation, formatting could use some help. (Blank lines plz! That’s a pretty big block of text!)

Wings v. diving from vehicle: Seems like the sort of thing that would cause trouble going out the car door? your wing catches the wind and blows you out of control??[/quote]
Blank lines added. Thank you for the heads up, and the welcome.

Interesting idea with the loss of control. If the majority of the wind goes into a torque about your center of mass (i.e. sending you into a tumble), the greater surface area than had you jumped without wings will still manage to decrease your lateral speed to some extent though certainly not entirely to zero before you hit the ground. Perhaps having wings as a boolean attribute to open up a DEX check to see how able the player is to control themselves in the ensuing turbulence, and factor that in to damage mitigation? Jumping from a vehicle at 160 mph and expecting to glide to safety is a bit absurd, but someone with a strong sense of balance and quick reaction speed might be able to make a jump from 70 mph wind up at 30 mph when hitting the pavement, even if in a tumble.
Not saying this should be the function (This one is pretty crude. Really though the function could be anything), but as a possible pseudocode example invoked prior to the damage calculation, where n is some value:

if (wings) { speedToBeUsedInPlayerDiveCalculation = speed - (n*DEX) if (speedToBeUsedInPlayerDiveCalculation < 0) speedToBeUsedInPlayerDiveCalculation = 0 }
Maybe throw some RNG in there for a more realistic (random) turbulence effect?

Oh! I wasn’t even thinking about that. I had the bottles of salt water found mostly in the labs in mind, and implementing it similar to how the cannibal trait changes some foods. It’s a minor thing, being able to drink #860: salt_water for a gain in quench, but still some greater application for the gills.

Thank you!

Rather than sit around and wait, I’ve decided to do what I could. I’ve attached a zip of the mod to a thread in The Lab (found here). I tried using the attachment function built in to the forum, but apparently that doesn’t like me very much.

The mod doesn’t have the mutations stuff, though.

You’re right, it does not, as that wasn’t one of the things I couldn’t do in lua. The mod thread lists what I could do in lua, which is mostly the bottom stuff.

All the ideas I brought up, though, were meant to be implementable with a minimal amount of coding, mostly either reusing bits that already exist (timers for explosives being a generalization of C-4 and mininuke, gills alt for salt and unclean water), adding a couple lines of code that could be done in less than an hour (wings alt just being a check on whether the player has wings when jumping, and altering the speed used in damage calculation in some way either simple or complex, hugely or minimally beneficial), or adding a few new lua items/recipes/whatnot in the .json files which don’t really require any skill (the other stuff, most of which I did in the mod, though crudely).
The only hard thing, I think, is the remote trigger, which has no current analog in-game and so someone must come up with a sizable amount of fresh code.