Line of sight problem

After tweaking some settings and a fresh new install I’m still having the same problem. I’m able to spot things that are (supposed to be?) outside of my line of sight. See picture below.

Not shown in the picture is me peeking around the corner to the northwest, though this bug persists while not peeking as well. The skeleton is updated on the compass, even though the display renders him outside of my line of sight, and while using the look command I’m able to spot things that should be obscured by the wall that I’m behind. Mind you, the game is only allowing me to see though blank spaces for a few tiles. For example, if I were to move the pointer about 5 tiles to the right in the picture above the description would have returned to ‘Unseen’.

Are others having the same problem? After a quick search through the past few pages nobody seems to have noticed. Using the latest version of DDA (0.4).

I’ve experienced this several times as well. Playing the .4 release and was able to see several Z’s inside a mega store that was behind the east wall. I was on classic zombie’s mode if that helps.

This should be fixed for 0.5 - Kevin noticed the issue at some point (after 0.4 had been released), and I believe he fixed it.

That’s what I like to hear! Thanks for the heads up.