Limit Wander spawns

there needs to be a limit as to just how much a wander spawn will spawn in zombies, I played an inside lab start that took quite some time to get to the surface, only to find a wandering spawn happened outside the lab, while trying to stay alive and avoid the zombies and killing whatever i could, more and more kept on spawning in untill the game froze and crashed when the game couldnt spawn anymore zombies since everywhere it was trying to spawn was already filled

I love the idea of using wander spawns as it keeps places filled with zombies but as it is, its impossible to survive

I what is your monster spawn rate? Lowering it to like .75 should help.

It would be nice though if the spawn rate and horde spawn rate can be adjusted separately.

Agreed, I’d like to be able to play with horde spawns on but only occasional.