Lifting tools & removing batteries

I found a vehicle with a mint condition storage battery that I want, but it wants a tool with lifting 1. I have literally sitting right beside the vehicle, a telescopic crane from an engine crane I found in a mechanics garage. It has lifting 7…but doesn’t seem to fulfill the quality requirement, as its still red and I can’t remove the battery. What’s the issue? Very frustrating.

From what I recall, you need the lifting item to have line of sight on the item you want to remove/add as well as being within the usual distance for using a tool.

Apparently being directly adjacent to the cell I want to do something with is too close for line of sight … putting it a space away works.

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Getting the line of sight to work for lifting objects is extremely fudgey and aggravating. I don’t mind the range restrictions, but I’d love to see them pull LOS back out of the checks, it’s a %^#$ crane - the whole point of it is to reach OVER things, not thru them. :rage:

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I mean I get that they don’t want you reaching through walls, but who cares if you’re reaching past other vehicles, right? It’s frustrating.