Having trouble with vehicles / lifting

I have a folding engine crane (unfolded) next to me, and next to the vehicle. Trying to install a storage battery (which I am standing on top of).

The option to install the batter is bright white, but under the requirements, lifting is in red.

Now, what is also strange, is that I was able to use the crane to remove the storage batteries from the electric sports car - but only 2 out of the 4. The other two also showed that I didn’t have the lifting requirement.

Help appreciated.

Pretty sure the crane must be near the location of installation. At least 2 tiles or something like that. Which kinda makes sense. But…it ignores the fact that the amount of electricity in the battery adds a few hundred pounds…defying all logic and making the install of batteries really ridiculously difficult for no good reason =(

Thanks. Gotta say, the realism in the game sometimes gets painful

All of reality is pain. o_o

That’s today’s lesson.

Cowboy Bebop episode Toys in the Attic?

Despite not liking how I have to change my position to get it working. I do think it makes a logical sense to do it. I, for instance, working on a vehicle would really would move all over the place and it really is time consuming. Making me want that vehicle pretty damn badly in order to get it up and running to my death mobile satisfaction.

Now if some one fixed the batteries to not weigh impossible amounts and require a friggin crane to use them. I’d be more than willing to champion the wonder and splendor of their code skills =D

Storage batteries are heavy for a reason. They represent heavy-duty, high capacity batteries. It’s not what you imagine, it’s more of an industrial battery.

Lots of things intended for industry are ridiculously large. IE: You might say ‘Man, why would a nut or bolt ever weigh 25 pounds?’ but that doesn’t change that they exist and have a purpose.

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The batteries in the real world are modular and compartmental last I heard. But that isn’t the issue. Adding electricity to a battery doesn’t increase the weight to half a ton bro. Just sayin. :man_shrugging:

I can dig a large in game battery. Weighs 50lbs. Add electricity and it jumps to 300+ pounds.

That, I did not know.

I only remember this when I need to find a unbroken battery for my ride in game. I think I had this conversation before with Lang. But I really dunno what we discussed. But you made me go look up Tesla car batteries all the same and I like how they are boxed and slid into a frame under the seating. Kinda cool looking actually. Different custom jobs designed differently too. I wouldn’t mind seeing a modular design approach to the vehicle system. But I think he would get pissed at me again for talking about this topic. Just brain storming again. Not disparaging xD

To be fair, it is true that a battery will in fact get heavier when you charge it, as that extra energy has mass.

However, due to the fact that the C in E=MC^2 is REALLY big, the mass you add for charging your battery wouldn’t generally come to an extra 250 pounds ---- Or if it did, discharging your battery suddenly would blow the planet out of orbit like in Space:1999.

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Now the real issue in CDDA isn’t that the batteries require a lifting mechanism to remove - the general problem is that there are a lot of electric cars, but very few garages and refueling stations with the mechanisms to actually swap those batteries.

If close to 30% of people were driving electric cars in our world, you’d see a fair number of stations outfitted with simple lift mechanisms designed to make swapping the battery backs out a simple procedure - much like you see those specialized oil-change facilities all over the place these days so they can do an oil change in <10 min.

Even solar electric cars would use these to swap packs out on longer trips when they couldn’t afford the time to plug in or sit waiting for the sun to recharge them.

So really there should just be more electric vehicle service stations here and there, with the requisite lifts built in as permanent features - frankly the standard garage template should have lift objects built into it’s bays - not sure why they don’t?

In terms of the game we have modular batteries. Like a standard car battery for example. So it really makes even less sense to require a crane to do the job.

If we go by what most electric vehicles use as a standard. We shouldn’t even be able to remove or add batteries at all. But since I dig the DIY scene. This DIY concept world of design your own vehicle kinda makes me think that vehicle parts in Cat are kinda like a Lego DIY or buy a pre-made to similar standards.

…ooooorrrrr that is how I justify it :wink:

People are smarter in Cat world. Even when they chill while being eatin and they have a full clip in their shooter wink

I think the main problem with the swappable batteries in CDDA is that they aren’t so heavy that a person can’t lift them (with effort), and they appear in a ‘swappable battery case’.

Basically everything about them design-wise says ‘this part should be easy to swap out’.

But the reality is that in CDDA tires and batteries are among the HARDEST things to swap out in practice, requiring more specialized and bulky tools than any other job - including entire engine blocks or nuclear reactors. :sweat_smile:

So, yeah, go ahead and commit to that entire tear-down and rebuild of a main-battle tank. Heavy military armor plating, primary frames, 120mm gun turret - It’ll all be totally fine until you need to install a ‘swappable’ commercial electric battery. :hot_face:

Well I’m chillin with Ex-8050 and I’ve seen the battery bug since I can remember…which is not saying much since my memory is garbage. But that it has been a long while at any rate. Batteries shouldn’t get more heavy once filled.

Kinda like using your phone and you put it on a table. A few hours later it gets so heavy it goes and collapses the table killing your cat under the weight of it lol
(I so friggin hate cats! ;P)

Dear lord - what’s the thinking behind making the lifting ranges so incredibly restricted for all the heavy installed lifting systems like cantilevers and boom cranes?

I totally understand having some restrictions, but between the new LOS limits and the very short range it can get incredibly obnoxious to find legal angles to install equipment and until you start to understand the rules it just feels buggy rather than functional.

Is there a real functional game reason for these restrictions? They just seem obnoxiously persnickety and just seem geared towards making you take a lot of extra steps to construct a vehicle.