Removing Storage Batteries

Did something happen to rules for removing storage batteries? I used to able to do so, but right it seems to require lifting 1 or strength 15 simply to take a storage battery our of a storage battery case. It seems odd.

Might have something to do with the case being destroyed?

No, I tested on several others and the result was the same.

Weeeeeeeird… Actually, I just remembered there was a recent Github change that redid the strength vehicle part calculation. In this case it seems to have done something odd though…

Tested on 7129 (I hadn’t updated in a while) which requires 1 tool with lifting 1 or strength 3.

Tested on 7172 which requires lifting 1 or str 15

I don’t know if this information is helpful in any way or not, but I could replicate it so I guess it happened in the last 11 days somewhere, though I couldn’t locate anything specific about it. But I’m mighty tired so I probably just overlooked it.

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Issue is here

Tl:Dr storage batteries weigh 300lbs, so you need a lifting tool to install or remove them.

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