Let's discuss two by fours

Why do two by fours require a two by four in the recipe? Seems kinda weird, I mean, if I already have one why would I waste it to craft another one? Shouldn’t it be some splintered wood or logs or sticks or something besides itself?

Its 8 all the way down!

Well you see, if you craft from a 2 x 4, you know the exact dimensions of the piece you want to make. Rulers aren’t exactly common in the apocalypse, you know.

It’s like crafting plastic bags. Make a pile of 10 plastic bags, throw a string on it, and the essence of the string is absorbed, giving you… 10 plastic bags!

To be honest, the 10 plastic bag thing is a bundle of plastic bags, tied together to save space.

As for the 24 craftable from 24… No idea what’s the point.

There is PR for this already: here

excellent. glad it’s getting fixed.

Well see, the first 2x4 is 2"x4", and the one you craft is 2cmx4cm.