Craftab;e storage containers

Dropping stuff on the floor gets messy. I’d like to see chests or something. Then you can color the chests so you can determine what is in each chest. Hunting around for stuff I dump on the floor gets annoying.

Gtaguy LIES!

[size=18pt]you can already make them.[/size]
In the Construction (*) screen look down at the Dresser. That’ll let you hide your pile of crap but won’t let you store any more of it then normal. Spraycan them to put tags on some and you’re good.

OR… just make piles.
-Non perishable foods
-Stuff to load those tools (batteries, gas, thread…)
-Toys (mininuke collection)
-Hunting gear
-Scavanging gear
-Extra clothing
-other piles.

Is that too many piles? Not really and looking at the top item in any one will let you know what one it is.

Ahh. For me the 02Feb holdout it’s not so much “piles” as it is “zones”. Cooking takes place on the up side of the room, tailoring & electronics-crafting on the down side of the room.

Having a few more dresser/counter-type things with a different label, say “gun rack”, “bar”, etc. would make things a little less of a jumble, but aren’t critical–I get along OK with my colorful mess of a base. If Desks are constructable in the newer versions that’d probably solve the problem too.

how do you spray can thing? I don’t see any spray paint?

i get along ok with a big mess too, but it gets to be a hassle when the piles get bigger and bigger.

Oh man, good think you can’t take a bunch of steel frames, designate a vehicle frame, and then weld on alternating trunks/boxes. You can even name it! Oh man you’ll actually have a use for that recycler and all dat scrap. And there’s still furniture and spraycans. But they don’t protect vs spitter home invasion.

Furniture does protect from spitter acid actually.