Less Max HP

My friend and I both mode characters in the same world. Neither of us have toughness or any traits like frail, yet my limbs HP maxes at 45, and his at 84. Anyone know what could cause this?
I’ve played for a while, is there anything in game that could cause it?

Different strength stats, perhaps?

Yeah, barring mutations/traits, the only thing I know of that affects HP if the STR stat.

I have 2 more strength than him

If that is you and your friends natural hp then I believe this would constitute a bug.

What was your starting class? I believe all medical patients start with fragile/frail. But other than that, it most likely is a bug.

I kinda encountered something like this as well. Although it only showed up in the character creator. When I backed out then went back in it went back to normal values. I think I did something to make it happen in the first place, though i’m not sure what it was.