Lazer finger bug

I give a npc a baseball bat and he dropped his finger laser I picked It Up And now it is stuck to my hand I don’t have it installed and it has infinite ammo

Maybe it’s just something I missed please tell me that If that’s the case sorry for the photo I am really bad at this

so now I have a character with eight in bashing weapons and twenty strength that permanently wields laser finger
use thbug menu to force another item works

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Try with the debug menu.
Player > Edit player/NPC > wear/wield an item. That should force the character to wield something else.

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Ja I did that thanks anyway

I saw something interesting when the mpc encountered Enemy it dropped the baseball bat and start wuilding his finger Lazer again I gave him his baseball bat and he dropped his fingers again this time I am not Pick it up

i noticed something similar, i was debugging my way through combat mechs and i started wilding the laser cannon with no ammo/charges and i couldnt drop or throw or dissasemble