Launch scripts for Linux, to update to latest experimental and handle save game backup/restore

Removed for being offensive.


Updated the cdda-update script so that it correctly moves the old config to the newly installed version.

Interesting I would not use these myself since I update using git and compiling is easy, I must say though, very tidy, very nice.

I was doing that via script at first, but it was somewhat slow to do a git pull and then a compile. This method is about as fast as one’s internet connection, plus about 2 seconds to extract and move things around. I guess I am an impatient man, lol. Although I 'spect I’ll end up going back to compiling if I ever start making mods.

Fixed stupid bug in update script relating to pruning old archived versions.

Updated updater script to preserve character templates when updating.

Really stupid error in cdda-launch script fixed. Sorry about that.

Is anyone using this?

No, sorry. Why are you using old bourne shell syntax if your script is for Bash? It just makes it more error prone. Why are you parsing ls’s output? It’s not meant to be machine readable. Why are you not quoting variables? While I don’t see any obvious way in which this script could wipe your home directory, your way of programming is still very reckless.

There is also no license attached, which in our current legal systems means “all rights reserved” aka nobody can legally use it.

Lol, cool story bro.

I’m gonna keep using this for now, myself, but when you come out of your mom’s basement long enough to your vast intellect and experience to make something better, I’ll happily switch. ;D

This is truly the most amazing thing about this game: The game itself is so very good, yet the community surrounding it is generally so very toxic. It’s a really amusing cycle, that you’d think I’d know better than to participate in any longer:

  1. Hey, this game is pretty good. I should get involved a little and maybe contribute something back to the community.
  2. Oh Jesus Christ, these people are terrible. Maybe I’ll come back later.
  3. Wait a while, then goto 1.


I’m sorry, I was too harsh there. The scripts that I wrote at first were also similarly flawed. That website that I linked is the go-to one for improving Bash programming skills.

Bash is one of those languages that makes it very easy to shoot yourself in the foot. Something like rm -rf $dir looks alright at a glance, but what if $dir has a space in it? It gets turned into two parameters to rm.

My bad too. I shouldn’t have been so aggressive. Some of my previous interactions with a vocal but toxic minority of community members may have primed me to assume the worst of others here too. I apologize.

Are you still around? If so, you should run shellcheck, there are LOTS of mistakes with your syntax, most notably, you’re using backticks, doesn’t use double quotes to surround varibles

No, it was made abundantly clear that the CDDA community is not an inclusive space and that I am unwelcome. I’ll go ahead and remove it so it will no longer offend you fine folks. :smiley: You can use your expertise to make something better instead.

Oh, I was just informing you about some syntax mistakes when I use shellcheck to check your scripts, and you got offended? Alright then, but what was the full story? You got banned from Vorm’s server?