Latest experimental features

Currently merged hange of hordes attracting signal change

It affects only wander spawn (aka hordes).
What does it changed:

[ul][li]Sound for hordes calculated more “naturally”. Alsmost like sound actually reach horde;
[li]Hordes now able to heard sound not only if player on surface level. Now sound source z-level used. Also note that sound from underground will be heavily reduced. Lower you are - lower the sound;
[li]Hordes will NOT react to almost any sound from crazy distance as it was before;[/li]
[li]Hordes will hear only really lound sounds that loud enoug to leave so called “reality bubble”. So hordes may hear sound only more than 60;[/li]
[li]Hordes will react to non-silenced gunshot from around 7-8 overmap tiles. So if you deep in wilderness then you may use firerarms safely (almost). Hovewer there is lot more lound sounds than gunshots, so be carefull while exploding mininukes - it will draw horde attention for 13 overmal tiles;[/li]
[li]Also you may use cars without big risk of attracting hordes;[/li]
[li]Maximum hearing distance for hordes capped with 13 overmap tiles now. So deep in wilderness you can do anything.[/li][/ul]

So now if you thought that hordes way to hardcore for you - you may give it to try now. Sounds still will attract hordes, but it should be much more managable now. So gampley with wander spawn should be much more fluid.

Giant vehicle engine rework just landed.

Adds gears, RPM, efficiency and other such stats to engines.

Currently BREAKS VEHICLES WITH MULTIPLE ENGINES, so if you depend on that feature, you might want to skip few versions and wait until that’s fixed.

Vehicle engines got a big update. Combustion engines now have gears and are damaged when you exceed their safe rpm whereas electric engines have equal efficiency at any speed. Engine selection is now more of a factor in vehicle construction - you can have a slow traction engine, a lightweight 2-stroke engine or a reliable but fuel inefficient wankel engine. More importantly engine and fuel code is moved to JSON. It should be possible to implement a scotch engine powered by whiskey or in the near future a steam engine. Mod authors might be best waiting for the API to become more stable and for any significant bugs to be first identified and resolved.

Total conversion mods are also now possible. We’re working on an example and some documentation for this at the moment.

Clarification: Multiple engines remain supported but only one can be running at once


The military seat was deprecated; now all new military vehicles get a regular seat instead, greatly increasing storage capacity.

Most military vehicles gain camera controls for their drivers; allowing greater visibility in daytime.

Most gas/diesel military vehicles, and most motorcycles get mufflers.

Some vehicles may have military weapon, magazines, and ammo inside them.

Tank mod:

Fixed shell casings.

Added mufflers.

Some reworks in inner workings of cars, by mugling.
This time more buffs than nerfs. Solars recharge faster (maybe too fast), minireactor is currently unbalanced hard and provides nearly free power (mugling wants to cut the efficiency by a factor of 100, I’d argue more than that - that’s how OP it is).

Minireactors now only actually work when batteries run dry. That is, having minireactor and solars on is no longer a waste, you can keep the reactor as pure backup.
One small problem: they no longer can recharge batteries on other vehicles.

A lot of recent work has been focused on closing bugs so hopefully the next series of experimental builds will be more stable. In particular we are also working on improving overall performance.

Quotes like that always come back to haunt you. There’s a bug in the current experimental that prevents the game starting if you have global auto pickup rules enabled.

Now resolved in most recent experimental

Awesome work thanks so much for all these fixes and additions amazeing :slight_smile:

Is this a Jenkins/changelog oversight or is there a missing commit between builds 6003 and 6004? Or am I the one missing something?

I’m talking about 014111e, between “Fix for out of battery state” and “Better handling of item templates”:

Merge pull request #19426 from mugling/eng5
Split engine load in to electrical and propulsion

Is that Kevin Granade I see putting in an appearance on the GitHub page again?

AWESOME!!! :slight_smile:

So I was watching a YouTube lets play and the chap now managed to activate some thing around him.
Please tell me this has now been added if so woooot.

[quote=“stk2008, post:1053, topic:5582”]So I was watching a YouTube lets play and the chap now managed to activate some thing around him.
Please tell me this has now been added if so woooot.[/quote]

It’s in. Dunno when, and I didn’t realize it for quite a while. You’ll still need to have space to hold the item in the inventory.

This is weird. I have never seen this thread go 3 weeks without a post before.

eh, the back to back holiday weeks probably threw off a lot of the progress for a little while.

Reverted the entire vehicle overhaul that has been causing so many problems, there might be some fallout from that here and there, but on balance it never delivered on its promises and caused many more problems than it solved.

I’m curious if there is development map somewhere, like when multi-engines are back? Or is it part of the vehicle overhaul revert?

so the whole thing is gone ? RPMs, fuel consumption, multiple engine bug , offroad efficency, all of it ?

Wow, I was wondering what all those reverted commits were for…