Latest experimental features

Devs or interested bystanders, when you write or see a cool new feature added to experimental, feel free to post about it here. Feel free to also post elsewhere, particularly if you want a lot of feedback, but I’m envisioning this as a place for people to catch up on the latest developments.

EDIT: Questions about such features are off-topic for this thread, and will be moved or deleted based on my mood. If you want to ask a question about something, ask it in the appropriate subforum.

A few to get the ball rolling:
Butcher Items?
BevapDin added a feature where you can dissasemble items on the ground under you using the 'B’utcher action. For extra speed, you can just hold down ‘B’ to butcher/disassemble the first thing listed.

Strike the Earth!
We all knew it was going to happen eventually, well eventually is now!
KA101 added a feature to build a downward staircase, which also creates a matching up staircase on the level below. Let’s get Diggin!

Vehicles got nerf’d.
You can’t spawn a sport car, raise your driving skill upto 100, and drive through a builiding anymore.
But… if your car were on speed and it suddenly lost it’s wheels it will leave a trace of sliding from mound dirts.

Also, i noticed that crafting system becomes more and more independent from certain things. In short - no matter what tool you have, but whether can this tool do the work or not.
According to json code:

[ { "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "CUT", "name" : "cutting quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "HAMMER", "name" : "hammering quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "HAMMER_G", "name" : "gunsmithing (hammering) quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "SAW_W", "name" : "wood sawing quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "SAW_M", "name" : "metal sawing quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "SAW_M_G", "name" : "gunsmithing (metal sawing) quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "COOK", "name" : "food cooking quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "BOIL", "name" : "liquid boiling quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "CONTAIN", "name" : "containing quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "CHEM", "name" : "chemical making quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "BREW", "name" : "brewing quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "AXE", "name" : "tree cutting quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "DIG", "name" : "digging quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "WRENCH", "name" : "bolt screwing quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "WRENCH_G", "name" : "gunsmithing (bolt screwing) quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "SCREW", "name" : "screw screwing quality" },{ "type" : "tool_quality", "id" : "SCREW_G", "name" : "gunsmithing (screw screwing) quality" } ]

I have seen new flowers. Great to see more colors on the field. I wonder what the other flowers will be good for.

I also have seen bowling alleys. I like those. And yeah these were obviously needed for C:DDA.

I noticed there is a tendency now that old map symbols get reused: dojo and library are yellow, restaurant, fast food and café are purple, etc. etc. I don’t like this tendency. There is still plenty of room in the symbols which use a non-black color as background.

Seeing as how I have been away for a little bit of time, such a topic as this could prove useful to me and others like me who go away for various amounts of time.

I saw a new zombie type in my first 5 minutes in the game.

It’s a bionic soldier, can be butchered for bionics like scientists and shockers

Also I propose monster addition and similar spoilerish stuff (as opposed to features) be put into spoiler tags, as above.

I noticed some recipe changes.

The mutagens take more specific things now. Bird requires a bird egg, insect either honey or a stinger, fish takes…fish, lizard takes a lizard egg. Now, to actually find those eggs. I had just found the tainted veggies I needed and made 1 alpha mutagen before I noticed the recipe change for bird. Arg!

What I merged tonight:
Nicer looking cul de sac road sections.
Furniture that acts as tools for crafting (anvils, stills, and charcoal forges, but more can be added later)
Scabbards and sheaths and holsters, oh my!
Some swords, when sheathed, allow drawing and attacking an adjacent monster as a single action if you ahve the necessary skills. Don’t worry, it’s not some crazy anime super-attack, it’s just a draw and cut.
Hostered pistols have a similar effect, just hit ‘f’ and you’ll automatically draw your holstered gun.
New building feature

[spoiler]Spider-filled basements and “baby” giant spiders, creepy![/spoler]

nice update. i hope bolts can also be quivered, im a crossbow guy

whoops, forgot that, quivers did in fact get the same treatment.

EDIT: Please stop posting unrelated discussions in the thread, I’d like for this to be a place people can rely on to just have game updates, you have a whole forum to post other stuff on.

A new feature I’ve noticed (holy hell so much new stuff since I left on hiatus!)

Content seems to have been moved into a modular mod-mode? Seems a nice compromise for those who couldn’t decide how they liked their guns. Really nice. I realize that’s likely an old change, but see again: hiatussss.

And yeah, changing tool requirements to whether the tool has the quality needed, rather than the tool itself? Super cool, and better models how crafting might go irl.

Changes we need: A message of the day that specifically states to not reply to certain trolls, with an example post linked in it so users know what they’re looking to avoid.

fuel leaks

hordes on overmap

carry a leaking tank, leak fuel over an entire wilderness minimap with a little room for you in the center, pull a horde there. goodness ensues. but why am i immediately wishing for liquids spreading (in shallow pits). in any case, this will be a great combo. potentially better than lava!

Helps if it’s merged things, not simply things that hit the hopper. :wink:

Hordes on overmap are now merged.

I found another interesting new feature: There is a new function from which you can access a menu which lists all other actions (examine, activate, etc.) in a nice way. I think this is great for new players, especially if you can’t remember all the key bindings. Sadly this function has no default key binding, I think this should change. I think this menu is called “action menu” or something like that. Here is how a part of this looks like:

And at last, a small tweak to the traits list in the character menu. Mutations which have both positive and negative effects are shown in pink color. Here’s an example with two such mutations:

There is also another color for a certain kind of trait, but that’s a secret.

Okay, I lied. Of course it is not secret, since everything is free software here. I meant I keep it secret from you if you wish to not have your fun spoiled. So if you actually want to know (and probably be exposed to some spoilers), see here:
Otherwise, just ignore this link. Nothing to see here. :wink:

Just got Kevin’s starting-location code merged. w00t.


This oughta be fun.

Freeze-to-death-outside-a-clone-pod starts, here we come!

Hype x1 added to inventory.

A large area of development recently has been on applying the input manager written by cib to all the menus in the game. What this means for the player is that it carries your key mappings to all the menus, so no more custom direction keys being overridden on some menus and not others. it also allows you to remap keys on every single menu of the game. this isn’t 100% done yet, but we’re closing in on the last few menus.

illi-kun took my idea of minimal clothing layering and ran with it, which i merged last night. Now clothes only acquire stacking penalties based on other clothes in the same layer. This makes a lot more sense, because previously you would get stacking penalties for wearing an ensemble of clothes designed to be worn together, like an undershirt/shirt/coat combination.

John candlebury proposed a mod that disables zombie resurrection, i cleaned it up a bit but i think he still deserves the credit. As part of that, mods can now use a simple lua filter to modify monster flags when the game is loaded. cib had it modifying monster stats(fast/slow zombie mods), but flags were a little weird.

csep added code that prevents monsters from getting stuck in a single-file conga line on stairs, they’ll now use all the available stairs and even shove each other out of the way. he also fixed some targeting issues where the obviously wrong enemy was getting targeted by default.

So wait, does the gradual shift to action menus mean we might be looking at a feasible, playable android port soon-ish?