Latest experimental features

That is one of the main things that we need to make an android port playable, yes.

THAT SOUNDS FANTASTIC! I was wanting a portable C:DDA!


If you guys start making the android port I will be glad to play test it with my tablet. :slight_smile:

I think the game has become notably more difficult lately. That’s good.

Now you can’t just jack up a skill by repeating an easy task forever and ever. For example, cooking meat only trains your cooking skill up to 1. From that one, you have to cook more difficult recipes to level up. Nice.

[spoiler]I also encountered a two new zombie types, one of them is very deadly, the other one is just nasty.

Some kind of gas zombie. It emits a lot of toxic gas, especially if you disturb or kill it.

The zombie bio-operator. Oh boy, this one is EVIL! I never defeated one so far, they totally destroyed me, even one character with Karate and unarmed combat on level 9. (Okay, he was tired and starving as well, so that makes sense.)


And third thing: Your weapons can get damaged by bashing/attacking over time. So you can’t use your two-by-four forever to bash zombie heads. :slight_smile:


And also: Proper grammatical number support is in for items and monsters and more. This is a big step for translations, also for English. It is not perfect now. For mod makers and JSON writers:
Items and monsters have a new optional field “name_plural” where the English name has to be specified in plural form. The field “name” is for singular. If you do not specify the field “name_plural”, it is generated automatically by appending an “s”. So if your name is pluralized normally in English, you don’t have to specify “name_plural”.
English is extremely common. Don’t worry, other grammatical numbers found in other languages are respected as well, thanks to gettext. :slight_smile:
The modinfo.json accepts a new field “authors”. This is a string array for any number of authors. You still may use “author” and assign it a single string if there is only one author.

Edit: Now I remember again what was the third new difficulty added to the game. Read above.

I can has milestones?

I found a new amoeba like monster lurking around a bunch of dead scientist. Also dead scientist\soldiers are much rare.

Language selection is now applied dynamically, and the option overrides your system settings.

What exactly is planned for the next release?

I can’t guarantee that I’ll answer the same question elsewhere on the forums, but I CAN guarantee that I will NOT answer it here.
This thread has a clearly stated topic, please stop posting off-topic questions, any further off-topic posts will be deleted without notice.

werty contributed a PR that has breech-loaders and revolvers eject casings on reload instead of when firing.

BevapDin made several enhancements to SDL drawing, making fullscreen work better and eliminating some drawing issues.

blockhead tileset added.

(just to be clear, there are tons of bugfixes and refactors happening all the time, but I’m trying to stay focussed on features)

Love the new construction possibilities, helps water management a lot.
Also makes farms an even more feasible base location, due to the water pumps.
Also great we can use simple tin cans for water boiling.

Foraging shrubs can now get you random junk, including minor water containers,
also eggs and mushrooms- so open air survival is easier and more varied.

Wuzzy’s color messages code just went in.

Yeah, that’s right. I explain what’s about that stuff with the colored messages.
First, here’s a screenshot:

Short description: Messages have now different colors. Green (roughly) means good events, red for bad events, yellow for warnings, white for neutral messages (nothing good or bad actually happened), pink for events with are partly good and bad towards the player and blue are informational messages (eg. “press X do do Y”).

Note this does not cover effects now, I’ll come to it later.

Here’s the pull request with long description:

(relatively new here, please go easy on me. played a handful of 0.9 games that were really short, and then a really, really long 0.9 game that took me well beyond the 0.A release. Skipped the 0.A stable and went straight to building from source on my mac (build instructions worked like a charm). Please forgive me, or feel free to delete this if I state something that actually isn’t new, as I might have just recently noticed it in my ignorance.)

  • Using symbols and color codes (like “s:b;”) for my map messages is much easier on the eyes than a bunch of flashing yellow Ns.

  • Moose are quite aggressive. They scare me more than zombears now.

  • The zwolves and zombears have been breaking down my boarded up doors and windows way more frequently than they did in 0.9. I am spending time building real base defenses.

  • I enjoy the the semicolon toggle for the construction menu, although I’m not sure how to tell if it is working (as most things are still grayed out for my new character on all both toggles.)

  • Not sure when beer making got in, but I just noticed it, and I’m looking forward to using the yeast I just found in game.

[Edit one more, this is one of my favorites, even though this isn’t a voting thread.]

  • Noticed the color coding for books indicating what can be learned from it (white for nothing, blue for potential recipes and skill increase, yellow if there is no skill increase but there is a recipe to be found). The graying out of the individual recipes that have already been learned from a particular book is a nice touch.

To expand on this, prefixing your map notes with a letter followed by a semicolon now allows you to color map notes, like so:

B - Blue b - Light blue C - Cyan G - Green g - Light green P - Pink R - Red r - Light red W - White

Very nifty!

Not sure when this got in, but I noticed when creating a character, on the same page where I (randomly) name my character, I can hit a key to choose my starting position.

Right now I can choose “House” or “Shelter.” Starting in a house has been… umm… troublesome… but fun.

John Candlebury contributed a modified laptop that let’s you remotely hack robots.

New enemy:

Very rarely a gigantic brain blob will spawn along with regular blobs. It commands every blob in the area to either defend it or attack you.

Vache contributed a system for loading arbitrary multi-tile building specials from JSON. I expect things to get really interesting in that area now.

BevapDin did some work on trap detection, part of which is making trap detection persistent. Once you spot that landmine, you never forget it’s there.

… and that’s how it’s supposed to always have worked. Good thing we got BevapDin.

… and that’s how it’s supposed to always have worked. Good thing we got BevapDin.[/quote]
Do you mean in an ideal sense or what the code was trying to do? AFAIK the code never even tried to do it, it was just deterministic about the threshold, so for example you could spot a minefield, then get hit with glare and the minefield would vanish.
If you mean in an ideal sense, yea I guess, but you could say the same about every reality-based feature in the game.

Sounds like something that it makes sense for the forgetful trait to affect. Not sure how to pull that off easily though.