KSG 2 underbarrel slots

the KSG uses the only underbarrel mod slot it has for the integrated secondary shotgun, yet i found a pic irl of it having a front grip. wouldnt it be more realistic if the KSG has 2 underbarrel slots, but one being taken up by the integrated secondary barrel, it would act like it only has 1 for like, a front grip or laser. any thoughts?

If you want to tweak tiny details on a weapon, file a PR, ideally with a link to said pic.

Again, file that under my basing it off of other in-game weapons with integrated subweapons (which tend to be underbarrel) and half-assing the edits of it.

That’s something I should PR a hcange to, but we still have the issue of how bloody persistent the various removing-integral-mods bug is. If I recall, it can still be yanked out by unloading the gun while empty.

sorry if this is a noob question but… how does on PR something? and where? and off topic, how does forking work in github? can anyone just add whatever to certain folders, like there mods or is it different? i know this is offtopic but… well, its not like theres much on topic to discuss, anyways.

Step 1: Figure out how to make the change locally, what you’re talking about is a json-only change, so it doesn’t require compiling the game. It’s kind of pointless to sort out github unless you know you have your change working.
Step 2: TEST your change.
Step 3: Follow one of the handy dandy guides for using github, either here on the forums or on github itself.
Step 3a: Alternative: post a diff with your change and make a good case for applying it, if you’re lucky someone might PR it for you, no complaining if they don’t though.