82e95fe - Pre-modded gun mods can be unloaded

As in the title. At least, for mod-created guns. An example is artyom’s The Ripper, or from a mainline gun, the KSM shotgun; They come with mods already on them and you can’t normally remove them with a screwdriver or whatnot, but you CAN unload the gun when it’s empty. Doing so removes the mods and lets you attach them to other guns.

KSG you mean. Same should apply to the combination gun (and makeshift version), and the “MP5 with integral M203” from the fictional weapons pack.

Has been reported on Github, yet to see any work on it. An earlier issue where dismantling a pipe combination gun yielded its integral mod was fixed some time ago, though.

Simplest fix would be to comment the part of unloading code that can unload things other than ammo, or figure out why unloading an empty gun is removing mods. Right?

I mean, what does the ability accomplish besides breaking things, that applying or screwdriving the gun can’t already do?

…hmm. I assumed it was for player convenience, but now that I think about it, I can’t see WHY the player wouldn’t just activate the gun in question.