Kitchen unit & car welding rig has been missed

well. i got one Armored Car some builds ago and put a kitchen unit on it to the rear side. it was show a ‘&’ in symbols. after build from October, 11th kitchen unit became hidden and didn’t indicated on the board, so it was like under an armoured plate ‘-’. why not, it’s more aestetically)

but i got something strange instead of it. i can’t find ‘kithen unit’ and ‘car welding rig’ in ‘install’ of car’s menu. so i can’t set a rig even i have this one and all instuments.

Did you try removing the plating? I think they changed it now, and there many things you can’t install with plating.

Plating takes a full square just like a board now (due to being a big ol’ sheet of solid metal).

You shouldn’t have been able to put plating with a kitchen unit before anyway, I think it had the NO_REINFORCE flag on it… but that may have only stopped you putting plating on a kitchen unit, not the other way around.

The vehicle construction rules have been changed: Every square must now start with a frame, and other things go on top of that. This lets you put boards over wheels, for instance, and other part combinations that were not allowed before.

thank you, friends! it’s pity for, because it was very nice to put rig or kitchen on the board but now we need to use inner space of cars.