NPC Killing Zombie Child makes you feel guilty

Got a minor bug to report (at least, I think it’s a bug). Started a new game, was happy to notice a gun store right at the outskirts near my evac shelter. Even happier to notice my starting NPC buddy had a Remington 870. Went downstairs, found out it was a loot basement with a zombie child (and possibly others, I only managed to open the door) in it. Came back up and figured I’d let the NPC handle it, since he was packing a shotgun (which he had used on a rattlesnake earlier) and could deal with it better than my unarmed un-combat-trained self.

Apparently, simply being murder-adjacent is enough to cause guilt:

Currently using Experimental Console on Windows XP, build version 8d62ae7.

Probably the code not making sure you’re the killer, though I can understand seeing a kid being shot right in front of you being traumatizing.

So I’m gonna say Bug but not a major priority.