Kickstarter Rewards: Survival Kits

As part of the Kickstarter program, we’re going to have up to 5 hand assembled “Survivor Kits” as the most expensive tier-level.

Each of these kits will be unique, and different from the others. But I need ideas on what to put in them. Each will also have a theme. Here’s the themes, along with some starting ideas.
Starter Survival Kit - Pen knife, cataclysm dda t-shirt, matchbook, pair of jeans.
LMOE Kit - Rations, utilitool, rope. Several tiny wooden crates. A tiny crowbar. (The crates are empty)
Lab Kit - A syringe and several vials of mutagen, purifier, and various useful chemicals.
Evac Kit - A gasmask.
DIY Kit - a length of pipe and a rock.

Ideas welcome! Remember, it needs to be small, and hopefully thematic!

What would the minimum donation be to get these?

That would give an idea as to how much Stuff™ would be able to go in.
You also may have troubles with resale legal shit.

First aid kit- With emphasis on the fact it has the wrong antibiotics.
Evac Kit- Gasmask, lighter, pocket knife

NPC doll- Complete with mininuke(active)
Backpack-With cataclysm decals
Evac center- Model of the starting shelter
Flyers- All of those in the game made as actual prints.
A cocaine of whiskey- I don’t care how you do it, just do it.
Models of various Monsters. Spore and blob FTW!
Generic Character- Figurine with 2 backpack, 2 rucksacks, 2 vests, removable hard plastic rain coat, removable trench coat over it all.

Mutated Character- Various models of different mutations.

Ideas without consideration of the costs.

DIY Kit - a length of pipe and a rock.
>donate loadsa monies >Get a pipe and rock DAMN YOU RNG!

Fictional road map, complete with one use?

Been waiting for this. :slight_smile:
Toilet water in a glass jar. :smiley:

Seriously, have some matchbooks and lighters, science ID would be nice. And with books in game, possibilities are endless.

You could get MRE’s from a military surplus store. IIRC they aren’t too terribly expensive, and you can buy a box of them.

BUT if you do get them, make sure you get at least one of the breakfast ones haha. The cereal in those are what got me through my stint of basic training in South Carolina.

What about a matchbook, a cheap pocket knife, a cataclysm dda t shirt, and a pair of jeans.

Call it the: Starting Survivor Kit.

[quote=“gtaguy, post:6, topic:1560”]What about a matchbook, a cheap pocket knife, a cataclysm dda t shirt, and a pair of jeans.

Call it the: Starting Survivor Kit.[/quote]

Make sure to check with the winner–the starter-clothes Fit.

That’s actually a really awesome idea. Final kit is the Starter Kit!

Nah, don’t check for their sizes. Include a sewing kit ;D

Lol, yeah.

Anywhere I can buy cataclysm dda T-shirts?

[quote=“gtaguy, post:10, topic:1560”]Lol, yeah.

Anywhere I can buy cataclysm dda T-shirts?[/quote]

I support this question.

“I survived the Cataclysm and all I got was this lousy T-Shirt.”
“Encumberment: 0 (fits)”

I want a picture of the games awesome points.

Lightning striking toilets and lawn mowers in refrigerators. Yeah, that’s my kind of game.

Basically it would have a picture of those two things hopefully, and the above text.

I’d like a shirt with a O with a blue box around it, underneath it say “Friendly Goo if Friendly”

That or maybe just have the name/logo on it and have it printed up to look like it has some serious wear and tear.

You could always do a @ being chased by several ZzZZ

that a pacman reference?

It’s a Cataclysm reference…

I would advise against sending physical stuff for the rewards on the kickstarter page, especially if no one on the project has any experience mass mailing, or commonly sends packages larger than an envelope with a delivery service. Most kickstarter projects go into the red because of this aspect. Getting the stuff together might be easy, but sending boxes of stuff on freight is not as easy (or as cheap) as it sounds.

As part of the Kickstarter program, we're going to have up to 5 hand assembled "Survivor Kits" as the most expensive tier-level.

Well, five’o’em is a nice way of saying - “Thank you” without offending the others.
That’s why I’m suggesting a four-stack of batteries, wrapped, vacusealed and showing both game logo and its name.