Help with resetting keybindings

So I did some stuff with keybindings and ended up with the North-Eastern (that is 9) -key on my keypad not working in the Move View -command. Every other direction works in this Move View command and also regular movement is fine in all directions. Any way to help resolve this?

You can remove keybinding lol. Then use another key

Yes but Move View and Move both use the same key #9 on keypad. Now for some reason I’m blocked from Move View North-East which used to work in the #9 key.

Also the rest of Move Views are not even bound but are still working…

Would reinstalling the game work? That seems like the best catch-all solution from here.

If you want to keep your save(s) you’ll need to navigate to the directory where the game is and move the “save” folder somewhere else, then you can delete the remaining files. After that, if you use rremyroy’s CDDA Launcher and Updater, you’ll just need to start the updater and choose “Install Game” where the update button would normally be on it. It has to be “Install Game” though, since I’m pretty sure “Update Game” keeps your configurations, including the keybindings.

If you don’t have the Launcher and Updater, then you can manually download the game from the website and extract it to your preferred directory before putting your save folder back.

If you use any mods not included with the main game, you’ll probably also want to remove them from the data/mods folder prior to deleting the game files, unless you have the downloads for the mods so you can replace them again with a fresh copy.

Thx for your reply! Will try this. Cheers

I know this is old, but I was able to reset mine after I did something similar by going into the install folder, finding the config folder and deleting the keybindings.json file. When I relaunched it was set back to standard.