I have an realy annoying problem.
EVERY time I hit something with my katana its get stuck in enemy body EVERY F*****G time.
With STR 8 DEX 18 MEELE 4 and CUTTING WEAPONS 4 it should not happen as often.
Fighting with Blades in this game doesn’t make any sense I spend more time raising my katana from the ground than hitting something.

PS:I have COMPUTERS 8 and I still cannot hack computer that is guarding CBMs in laboratory. How much I need to have in COMPUTERS

You really need more strength to use cutting weapons. The harder your blade hits the deeper it will get stuck, and the heavier armored your opponent the harder it is to remove. But a stronger character can pull it back out easier. It appears to be the big major downside to cutting weapons.

In my experience an 8 strength character can handle a machete most of the time, but a katana or broadsword get stuck so deep they can’t properly extract it, even from relatively unarmored stuff. You’ll want a bit more strength for your next guy if you plan on using the big swords.

For the time being I would keep a couple smaller cutting weapons and a blunt one as backups, unless you mutate strength. With 4 melee even a blunt weapon would wreck the smaller stuff if you lose yer main weapon.

P.S. Computers: 8 should be enough, you can have bad luck though, as long as the console didn’t break give it another shot.

Thanks for reply, I’ll try to bump up my strength with mutagens,

In that case hacking is not the mater of luck I have tried multiple times with different computers and I keep triggering alarm, maybe it’s the matter of low electronics(computers 8, electronics 0)?

Hmm, my C++ fu is still weak it seems, looking through the code I can’t determine exactly what affects computer hacking.

Having electronics skill is worth a shot, since I tend to prioritize electronics skill over computer skill I always have at least a little when hacking. And if yer after bionics yer going to want electronics skill anyway so you can reliably install the things.

I honestly have little difficulty hacking with 4 skill, I’m surprised yer having trouble with 8, so there must be some other variable someplace.

Other than things like missile launch and some of the science lab stuff most computers seem to have a security of 3 or less (Bionic access is at 2). When you hack it’s a dice roll of your skill level vs the computers security, so there is some randomness there.

Intelligence less than 8 also makes it harder (greater than 8 can make it easier).

When CBM’s are opened an alarm sounds anyways. see if the glass walls have gone away.