Just noticed on flamethrowers

killed a few zombies in my military base start and stole their flamethrowers, but i’ve noticed something. they’re all loaded with a 3L pressurized tank filled with ‘flammable liquid’ (which i know to be napalm, considering its the only thing that can be loaded into the flamethrower, and the zombies with the flamethrowers leak napalm all over the place.) i’ve read online that gasoline -was- able to be used in the past for flamethrowers, but no longer… so why was the flamethrower never changed specifically to say it contains napalm? is there another fuel type you can shove into a flamethrower I’m just not seeing?

“flammable liquid” is a wide term. it includes napalm, gelled gasoline and flamethrower fuel.

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… oh~

weird that i dont have the recipe for flamethrower fuel despite having the launchers book.
i feel like the tank for flamethrower fuel should have ‘can be loaded with-’ in its description