Junkie seems slightly overdressed

Title pretty much says it, for the sake of flavor, maybe swap out the dress shoes and shirt?


I say give 'em a bowler too. Classy junkies!

Ehh, drugs arn’t cheap, even Cocaine used to exclusively be a vice of the wealthy until cheaper variants and derivatives like crack were created and flooded into the market.

Additionally the Junkie seems to be a user of the pure stuff, not black tar or freebase, The sort of stuff you’d get from a medical supply. I’ve always figured the Junkie was one of those ‘upper class’ drug using types who just happened to be in the shelter when it all happened because the things make great places to shoot up.

I think it’s kind of stupid that you have an image of a junkie being a homeless man.

And I agree with Belteshazzar; just a gram of cocaine in my area is 80-90 bucks! Depending on what it’s cut with, of course.

Yeah good cocaine tends not to be cheap stuff, and many high class us citizens engage in the “pastime” , so perhaps changing the name is a better solution.

Day Tripper?