Cigarette vending machines and cig types

Insert cash card, get your fix. Seems to belong in a world like this. So, let’s make up some brands and types.

Lancino’s - Menthol, regulars, long and lights. For the light smoker who enjoys the taste more than the “buzz”. Packs come with nice anecdotes and decorative colors.
Marley’s - Once upon a time these folks strived to legalize and sell cannabis/tobacco blends. The cannabis never made it in so they decided to stick with quality tobacco. Very tasty, unfiltered brand with pure hemp papers. Unhealthy.
ProPuff Amalgamated - For the dedicated smoker. Regular, Whites and Blues. Whites are finely ground, tightly packed and very powerful. Blues last a long time, come with fancy filters and are said to ease tension… as long as you keep smoking them. Strong.

Stuff like that.

I always enjoy a bit more flavor

I have never smoked and neither has my character, so a cig is a cig is a cig. ololol

Well having automated drug dispenser in pharmacies would be nice I guess. But having brands of cigarettes is kind of a meh. Perhaps If we do it like flyers work now, which all share the same Id but have different descriptions.

I remember seeing these all the time when I was a kid, then they were basically banned/outlawed everywhere except in the worst dive bars.