Jungles! Rainforests?

Mutated swamp merges with forest. New life is born! Head into the young jungle to find never before seen on this planet.
Generated monsters! Bugs. Bipeds. Anything and everything.

A whole new world of possibilities.
Sounds like fun.

(Jungle merges with town. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!)

I’d personally like to see more underwater content and stuff to do with it, even living underwater in the right conditions. Currently water is just a deathtrap and mutations for it are the butt of jokes.

Jungles merged with cities is actually a really cool fucking idea. I can imagine half-ruined buildings covered in plants, giant trees growing through walls, cracked floors covered in greenery, Cougars and Bears roaming the streets etc.

It would really give the game that post-apocalyptic feeling and make survival more nature-oriented rather than looting private houses and living inside a regular apartment.

I love it. Hope someone can make a mod converting some/all cities into junglified messes, kind of like in The Last of Us; I’d gladly play it.

I actually remember a year or so ago, someone was working on terraingen that would take existing towns and then erode them away with forests and fungus and stuff. They never finished it.