.json, Using equipment

Is it possible to add more than one action to a piece of equipment? Like a backpack or container that has a quiver AND a sheath for a knife? or a full body protection suit that has a quiver, gun holster, sheath, and power armor functionality? Would something like that be even possible? If so, how would that be imputed into the item.json file?

I have a start to one,

“type” : “ARMOR”,
“id” : “backpack_keeper”,
“name” : “keeper container”,
“weight” : 1860,
“color” : “brown”,
“covers” : [“TORSO”],
“to_hit” : 0,
“storage” : 60,
“symbol” : “[”,
“description” : “A heavily modified leather backpack that has a container for everything. Made from the bones and skins of animals, it has a little more encumbrance but better durability and storage.”,
“price” : 11900,
“material” : [“leather”, “bone”],
“volume” : 12,
“cutting” : 0,
“warmth” : 20,
“phase” : “solid”,
“environmental_protection” : 3,
“encumbrance” : 2,
“bashing” : -4,
“coverage” : 60,
“material_thickness” : 5,
“use_action”: “SHEATH_KNIFE”,
“use_action” : “QUIVER”

Would something like this work?

“use_action”: [“ACTION1”, “ACTION2”]

This also requires you to add those actions to item_actions.json, so that they can have descriptions.

Thank you!