Suggestion: Eat [include nearby/Adjecent items]

i just had a nice idea for suggestion… what if, when you press E (to eat) not only will it display consumable items in your inventory, but also nearby/Adjecent consumable items, so you can eat things from the ground whitout even needing to pick it up

i think this is a great idea, and could be applied to more then just Eat (eg. Wear)

i hope this aint already an idea

It’s a simple idea and might be usefull, but if you have multiple “eatable” items in such tile you would require a propt to have the player decide what he wants so I’m not sure how usefull it could be.

12doze12, im not exactly sure what you mean by prompt, i was thinking of somheting a bit like… like this maybe… 1 second, ima try make a concept image…

here we go, somheting like this was my idea

That seems good, I was thinking of a different layout but that makes more sense.