Items, Inventory Management QoL changes (+other things)

Hello everyone!

I have a few suggestions for some things that I believe could change, but that I don’t believe really require someone to open a github ticket/PR unless it’s actually necessary.

If any of this doesn’t make sense or if it feels like I am waffling about, I apologise in advance - English isn’t my native language so I fully expect some things to seem incoherent or illogical, and if that’s the case, please do Highlight it and I’ll try to explain/develop on it differently.

1. When dropping items, why is it that some items (like Antibiotics or any drugs, really), drop instantly even if they’re in batches of 999, but Merch/HubCoins/Wallet Money Notes have to drop one by one? Why not make those items work like drugs in regards to how they stack?

- 1.1. This would also be good so that when you trade with an NPC, we don’t have to wade through 10s of pages of “merch”, because they don’t stack and this results in a lot of visual clutter - especially if you get a lot of them and are overburdened. Do note that Wallets, when you “e” on them and press “Page Down” to see their contents, always display a Long, Looong list of “One X dollar Note” instead of “10x X Dollar Note”, which makes the scrolling process so unnecessarily long.

  • 1.2. This also applies to how the wallets work over all: if you have a ton of notes, your character will take 1 turn per item you’re dropping, which will cause a huge waiting period if you come from a looting run with several wallets and you’re just looking for Cash Cards / ID Cards.

  • 1.2.1. This also makes me suggest some way to just pick up items straight from a container instead of having to Pick Up and then “unload” an item. Specifically the wallets. (although, granted, this might already exist and I may have not learned the correct step). Currently I feel the best way to go around this is to pick up wallets, then “Multi-Drop” and exclusively select the items you want to drop, individually.

2. When trading with Merchants/NPCs, having items like books being colour-coded so that we can tell what we have read or not would be handy.

3. Add a “select all” interface to the “trading menu” interface. Or, at least, make the selection work with arrow keys to navigate, enter to select item/bring up a “How many?” prompt, instead of the a-to-R interface we currently have.

4. NPCs seem to still be teaching “Lockpicking” and “Bartering” skills for some reason.

5. If you have more than 1 UPS in your inventory, the name of the item becomes “X UPS’s”. Plurals don’t use apostrophe.

6. I can understand Summers being extremely hot, but currently I believe it is a bit “too hot”. I’ve had a long run being completely halted because it was over 70°C outside for my character in varied occasions - while naked, no bionics, no mutations whatsoever. That led to me having to stay underground for most of the season until it began “entering” the transition to Autumn. Personally I believe this doesn’t make for fun or challenging gameplay, especially seeing it forces players who aren’t able to find and install Internal Climate Change CBM to just coop up underground for 2/3s of the Summer daytime. For comparison’s sake, Furnace Creek (California) has a a record temperature of 56.7°C (something around 130°F), which I believe was the hottest temperature ever recorded. Now, this one it could be me missing something from the lore, but in reality with those temperatures, it’s highly unlikely that animals and humans alike would be able to survive more than just a few days - realistically.

If anyone already brought any of these up, my apologies for the redundancy, but I do hope that at least one of these things is useful for you lovely folks. On a last note, thank you so much for the countless hours of entertainment this game provides.

70’C? Wow. I’m at day 8 of summer myself and it gets up to 27’C. At 70’C, animals would die in less than an hour.

There is a way but it is quite obscure:

  • pick up the wallet (wield or put it into backpack, doesn’t matter)
  • select another container
  • choose “insert” action for that container
  • select things from the wallet, confirm insert
  • drop the wallet which now only hold items you don’t need

There’s no way to get things from containers not in your inventory or hands, though.

If you were looking at “+” menu, it shows perceived temps (or something like it), not actual air temp. 70 while naked is suspicious, though, even for a summer day.

Yep, that one I also know of but it’s much easier for me to just pick up wallets, drop the Items of Interest in one time, then dispose of the wallets and pickup the items using the “/” menu. Yeah it’s a bit convoluted but it’s better (for me) than opening the [i]nventory menu.

There’s no way to get things from containers not in your inventory or hands, though.

This is the thing I’d personally like to see, but I can understand if it may be more complicated than it sounds.

If you were looking at “+” menu, it shows perceived temps (or something like it), not actual air temp. 70 while naked is suspicious, though, even for a summer day.

Yep that’s the menu I use. It was really bad until like Day 50 or Day 60 when it started to cool off, but it was very much a case of “Well, I guess I’ll stay underground today again.”
At first I thought I’d be irradiated, or maybe flu or something - although, I had no statuses at all. As for “Traits”, I only had Imperceptive Healer, Night Vision and Strong Back. No bionics.

My current character, a new one, has the Self-Aware trait and he seems to be in good tracks to reach summer as well, so I will be able to document the Temperatures I experience over the days. Although I am unsure if there were any updates related to how temperatures work and what not. The character that experienced those weirdly high temperatures died about a week ago.

I’ll add my own: you should be able to bind one pane to a storage/vehicle, so that when it/you move, you don’t have to reconfigure one of the panes again.E.g if you drag a shopping cart and move in a different direction, the cart’s inventory should still be displayed.

Are you talking about the storage of a grabbed vehicle (shopping cart and the like) that you can always view if you press “d” or “D”?

Yes. I didn’t know it existed, thanks.