[0.9-1507-gb86ad62] Menu missings information

Aka Build 250
The craft menu doesn’t display item information, like weight, weapon info etc.

When examining items on the floor, almost no information is displayed.

The problem seems to be with displaying an item’s info when used as a melee weapon.

Yes, I can’t see weapon stats anymore. To reproduce on the experimental build:

  1. use the “List all items around the player” command
  2. pick whatever is nearby, say, a 2x4 or a heavy stick and "e"xamine it
  3. cry at the lack of stats

I’m not sure if this is intended to be a “feature,” since IRL it’s hard to tell how good an item is until you’re holding it. For in-game purposes, though, it is a major setback not to see stats. 1) it favors spoiled players who already know the stats, 2) it creates the annoyance of having to pick up every weapon to see its stats. There is no way either of those things are good for the game.

Ah, this is a bug, and I found it.

This PR: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/commit/f0e73267e95703c26ab5d29bd162e26fad531e41

made this change on line 362 in item.cpp

  • if( !is_null() )
  • if( !is_null() && g != NULL)

undoing that line gives us stats back. I’ll make a new PR.