[Experimental #7699 Windows x64 Graphical] Cannot see certain items on the ground

Edit after testing - tl;dr for devs:
First issue:
Condition: At least 1 stack of Item is either on pavement under a vehicle. (there could be more condition)

Expected: All items under a vehicle displays properly under the mouse view.

Actual: Single item stack is always missing from the mouse view.

Second issue:
Condition: An item(preferably small one) spawns after item with storage capacity. (i.e Backpack + Screwdriver spawn for example. “Spawn” is term I am unsure of, as I am unsure how this works. what I do know is killing zombies and making them drop items with capacity can cause this. Kill zombies until it drops pants with storage capacity + small item)

This is believed to be a cause of undisplayed item on the locker issue.

Expected: All items are displayed using mouse view.

Actual: Some small items are presumably hidden because it is inside the storage item.

Original post:
With this experimental version, it seems like some items no longer shows up on the tile examiner under certain circumstances. Please refer to this screenshot:

(Tile selected are rtile right under my character. Item is “Hard Plating” and tile should be lit.)

You can see that items can be picked up the ground when prompted, but item itself does not show up on the mouse view.

Item listing feature for example can display that there is indeed Hard Plating on that location.

This is not exclusive issue to the Hard plating as I was raiding labs I was unable to view books that were in lockers but not displayed in the mouse view.

Is there a version that fix this issue? Thank you.

Mouse view, in vehicles, seems to prioritize vehicle parts and does not display items. This includes items on the ground AND items in storage spaces, it just tells you what parts are installed there.

As for lockers, in the current version (7710), mouseing over a locker displays its contents in mouseview, but only IF you’re adjacent to them. I’d assume this theme applies to bathtubs, safes, and other ‘get close to view items’ furniture. I don’t know why you wouldn’t be able to view something in a locker using your mouse.

There have been a few UI changes in the last 11 updates, but I don’t believe they had any affect on what we’re talking about. So, that’s all I’ve got.

I can confidently say that when I say “You cannot view certain items in certain places” I meant it. Please observe.

You sir better appreciate this since I had to spend my time driving back to nearest lab to take screenshots.

Lab locker mouse view when you are 1 space away:

Lab locker mouse view when you are Adjacent:

Lab Locker Item pick up view where it does display combat knife, not shown in the previous screen:

Item view when you are Adjacent Lab locker w/ mouse view :

In addition, please observe this.

Some items show up in the mouse view, some items do not. I find this to be quiet baffling as I cannot figure out what the rules of item display for any tiles are.

You’re right. I initially misunderstood you. I’ve tinkered with it and I don’t understand why some things show up and others don’t. I thought it had something to do with the mouseview window not expanding properly. I don’t think that’s it.

Okay, so, it appears that the item(s) it chooses to not display changes. For instance, in my testing, combat knives show up, whereas in your example it doesn’t.

For me, it always displays clothing items. When it drops an item, in my testing it was always a weapon or tool.

Honestly, everything I’ve tried just leaves me asking more questions. I don’t have a solution for you. =\ Sorry.

Ok, with extensive testing I figured it out. (tested with vehicle item mouseview)

AT LEAST WITH VEHICLE MOUSE VIEW, Mouse view always ignore 1 item, which leads me to believe someone somewhere messed up array index counting function of mouse view that was perfectly functional in 70xx era.

If you have Github account please make a pull request for this issue.

The same was true with my testing with lockers. Always 1 item off.

I still don’t have a github account so I can’t help there.

After EVEN MORE extensive testing I figured out what the issue is. It turned out that it is 2 separate issues. I will update main post to reflect the findings.