Itchy metal bionic

Build 8605

I’m going to assume this is a bug because it says so in the description. Surgically removed the Itchy bastard and found this on the operating table when I moved off it. Didn’t see anything mentioning it got fixed in a more recent version so posting it. Honestly thought it was pretty cool that it was actually there until I read the description.

Can you put it back in your body? xd

Presumably. Was my last anesthetic kit though so can’t bring up the menu to check.

Yea its supposed to be a burned out bionic when removed. Thats pretty neat lol.

Ah … It’s probably my fault.
So now faulty bionics have item version in order to give them difficulty levels for removal. Which means that they will drop item when you remove them.

I need to edit the description because it’s not really a bug, and maybe add some deconstruction recipe so that you can get some stuff from it.
Or just look at the code to make burned out bionic drop instead of the faulty one.


Thanks for that btw. They were totally ridiculous before. Honestly I thought it was cool to keep the nightmare that gave ya so much trouble as a trophy for finally defeating it so just a description change should be good.

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And it s already merged so if you update you ll get the new description.