Invisible faulty bionics bug? Need help to fix them

So I was playing using the magiclysm mod and installed a ton of bionics.

I know about the power drain issue but my character is recieving effects of faulty bionics after saving some prototype cyborg survivors, while at the same time not having any faulty bionica to remove.

Kinda want to know where the bug is really coming from the survivorderps or magiclysm.

It’s almost impossible to diagnose a bug, if it is one, with so few information given.
Have a look at How to Report Bugs Effectively and then describe the “effects of faulty bionics” as closely as possible, post the message if there is any.

Maybe even post a screenshot of all your bionics, active as well as passive ones.

What also could help and would be appreciated: Build number, operating system, a list of all mods in your current world…

I think there was a bug where in some cases the player character was hurt instead of an NPC. That bug maybe related to this, but unfortunately i can’t find it.

Yeah that was pretty much it.
Killed them with plausable deniability (trapped them in a room with a dynamite bomb), all my problems went away after that.
Prevented the really irritating killed an innnocent morale debuff that way.

It was really bad lol had 3 prototype survivor npcs… so my health was tanking even through a heathy diet plus leukocyte breeder cbm and I was not healing much even with nanos on… also the noisemaker somehow stacked and gave me 4 billion deafness(checked my save afterwards to see what went wrong and holy cow thats mininuke levels of deaf) so I could’nt even talk to my npcs, defeating the purpose of their existence.
It was apparently like being 3 broken cyborgs at once lmao.