Is umbrella the only solution to albino?

Our medical technology wins against zombie infection, radiation, fungi spore, but fails to albino.
We can mutate our skin to shell, feather, or fur, but it has to be albino shell or albino fur.
Post-modern technology can grow my broken limbs, but they will be exactly albino limbs as before.
People have used raincloth for centuries, but no one ever invented sunlight-proof clothes.

So, the -1 point trait makes me suffer for the whole life.

When fighting,
I have to draw the actual weapon every time before I join the battle.
I have to come back and pick up my umbrella when I chased and killed a horde of enemies.
I feel pain even if I dodged all attacks.

When not fighting,
I move items slowly if I hold umbrella.
I move items painful if I do not hold umbrella.

Should post cataclysm survivors deserve better treatment for albino?

I once had an Albino character. I can’t remember whether it was a mutation or a trait, but I eventually got a light survivor suit and some other armor and found that the sun stopped being a problem. Maybe you need enough environmental protection or you just need to keep all skin covered.

This was a long time ago though; it might have changed by now.

It has changed. Now the source code checks weapon with RAIN_PROTECT and nothing else. As you didn’t know it, I think it was not a well accepted change, should I revert it?

I don’t actually deal with Albino a lot, so I don’t know how much valid experience I could contribute to the discussion. That said, I’m of the opinion that it would be nice to have a permanent solution to the problem it presents, one that doesn’t involve accidentally breaking your umbrella over a skeleton’s head because you forgot you weren’t wielding a bat anymore. I don’t think it should be as simple as just wearing a sheet and keffiyeh though, or Albino would basically be a free point in all times except Summer.

There’s a material thickness value, isn’t there? Maybe that could be a factor in determining whether clothing stops the Albino effect, unless calculating it for every single body part every single turn would slow down the game to a significant degree.

One could argue that if you take Albino at chargen you should know what you’ll be dealing with, but realistically there isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t be able to solve that with some covering.

My survivor (slime) has to carry an umbrella as well, even clad in mk 2. I could understand some solar effects might be amplified due to drastic changes in our atmospheric zones.

It used to be rain gear would work to protect you. Reading these it seems that’s not the case anymore. Shame that.

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A simple solution would change albino to requiring at least 90%, maybe 80% coverage on your body and hats that keep out glare working too for your mouth and head

Full body robe and keffiyeh should protect Albino from sun.

These clothing are designed to protect people, albino or not, from strong sun.

If you revert it it would improve quality of life and match player expectations

If you leave it as it currently is, it will make being albino more punishing (comparatively)