Is there something wrong about the ammo belt?

So, today, I’m driveing a car on the forest, and found a dead soldier squad,

after dealing the grenadier, I was trying to unload the ammo belt from M240 to get extra bullets,

but then, somewhere came out some kind a monster came after me,

there were supposed to pop out a menu to told you that a monster on nearby, and tolding you to stop unload the belt,

but for some reason, this stystem dosn’t work this time, so I was getting slaughter while I’m doing unload stuff, and because there was 500 bullets on that belt, It will take for a while to completely unload the belt, and I can’t doing anything in progress, and can’t even stop by press button, So there was really defenseless,

I don’t know if there was some kind a glitch or something…

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If all else fails press either . Or 5 to attempt to immediately stop what you are doing.

I did press 5 to stop this, and it dosn’t work.

Well… crap. I’ve got nothing else then. Sorry

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Unload is not set up to be a “long action”, it does all the work instantaneously, and then reduces your move score all at once, meaning you have a negative move score for potentially a very long time.

As such there’s no way to cancel the action, it’s done already.

This is fixable, but takes a bit of work.


Okay, Thanks, Kevin.

Made you an issue: