Is there any way to show recipes you don't have the skill to know yet?

I’m trying to get into the flesh crafting of the secronom mod, but its really not obvious how you craft flesh items. levelling up fleshweaving only gives me things like a cloak and other unrelated things.
Is there any command to show the recipes for things I don’t know so I can figure out the requirements to learn it?

Yes and no…

There’s no easy ingame way to show the requirements of a recipe if you don’t know it and don’t have the books or SD card with it.

The probably easiest way to see them would be to create a copy of your world and character, and use Debug Menu[p]layer...Unlock all [r]ecipes (assign a key to the Debug Menu in the [?] Display keybindings menu first to get full access). That way you can check the crafting menu and see the requirements for the recipe.
However, while this will show the items, skill level and proficiency necessary to craft, it will not show what it takes to unlock the recipe - if these requirements differ from what it takes to make it. It will also not show if you’ll need a book to learn the recipe from.

Other than that, only checking the source files of the mod comes to my mind.

Since you’re trying to see items from a mod and not the base game, external sources like the item browser won’t help you…

As a last resort you can always look on the mod folder and look for the json or jsons that have the recipes for the mod

yeah I usually use the item browser, the reason i’m asking here instead of just looking it up is because since its a mod, and fresh new one at that, I doubt it will have any wiki pages for at least another month. heck even features that have been there for years still don’t have entries.