Is there any way to reload from crafting distance?

Seems tedious to have to run to my charcoal and battery and thread cupboard just to reload a tool while I’m doing a lot of crafting.

Reloading from crafting distance seems like a good easy fix, but the ideal fix in my mind would be automatic reloading while crafting or just allowing a tool to utilize nearby “ammo” even if its not loaded while crafting.

I would enjoy this as well.

Maybe you could make a ‘work cart’ to hold stuff you’re likely to use a lot for refueling(primarily batteries, maybe gas or oil for gasoline/lamp oil cookers), when they’re right next to you you can reload.

I admit I am curious what you’re using charcoal for that isn’t just stuffing it in a forge or a smoking rack

Delightful boom cans?

Boom cans? Are you using it to make black powder or something?

That’s a possibility. Charcoal actually has a lot of uses in CDDA other than cooking. It just so happens that cooking and gunpowder are the main ones.

I don’t think automatic reload is good. It was discussed in the past. I think it is bad because it could deplete your last resources before you realize. For example you have 150 batteries but you use it up accidentally while you wanted to use them for a lab exploration.

That seems weird to me, as crafting new stuff is my main priority, at least until I have top level gear. I generally explore with out lights. And If I really wanted to keep a supply of stuff for emergencies/other use it wouldn’t be in my crafting pile, therefore out of crafting range. Seems like a non-problem.

Charcoal smoker is the main thing. Carts block line of sight, so I don’t keep mine in my crafting room.

I always using light and because of it, the batteries in my inventory. So it is a problem. Also most default car small, so all my stuff inside the crafting range.

While it seems a legit idea. It isn’t for all play styles. It will be annoying to some because you may not want to use up all your resources in this manner. It would be easy to do and you don’t always watch every resource that you possess. As an option it isn’t a bad idea. But not as a rule.

I never use a portable smoker, if I’m going to use a smoker, I just build a smoking rack and load it with several thousand units of charcoal

Yes, afair that was the conclusion in the past too.

But maybe there could be other ways:

  • we could define a crafting tile where we could drop stuffs for auto reload
  • we could define minimum quantities for anything and above that number they could be used up in a reload. Like i could define 100 battery as minimum, above that number batteries would be used in reload if needed.
  • simplest solution would be a query: “Your <tool> has not enough <charge>, reload?” and get the usually reload selection menu if needed.