Is there any way to peek down a level?

I’ve been noticing with the most recent experimental zombies will now pay attention to things going on on different Z levels, which can be kind of a pain since if I climb on a roof to escape a horde they can still see me but I can’t see them. So its kind of 75% chance whenever I climb down I’ll immediately get trapped in a swarm and die…
The fall damage is a papercut compared to damage being unable to climb back up does


Not that I’m aware of, and I just tried recently. I’m unsure who okayed the ability to climb up pipes and junk without also having the ability to climb back down them as well, but I’ve just come to accept that it’s jank as hell right now.

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You need to turn on “Experimental 3D field of vision” in the debug section of the options menu.


You can. Just examine the tile the pipe was on, and climb down.

A little roundabout, but it works.


To add to what Junknown said. To look down, you just use the normal “;” then “>”, or “<” if you wanna look up.

So pipes and other things work like stairs in that regard?

No, pipes and things other than stairs are weird. You have to 'e’xamine them and you should get a dialog box letting you choose to climb down.

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Well, call me dipped and stuff my foot in my mouth. Thanks for the heads-up; I had no idea.