Being attacked by "unseen enemy" in an open field

Hi. I’m being attacked in an open field by an “unseen enemy” which I am relatively sure is an oversized crow, but I am unable to see it with the view command or use tab to wait/attack. If I go inside a tent the attacks stop but when I leave they eventually resume.

I’ve been told to look with x and then < > but that doesn’t seem to work for me?

I would just like to have input on what might be going on.

I can guarantee it is an oversized crow; the prompt for “would you like to stop [action]” specifies as such. I’m assuming it is attacking me from above but I cannot do anything about it.

Since you didn’t mention what version you play on - and this plays a huge role in what way you can interact - I’m just assuming that you’re playing in one of the newer experimental (especially since oversized crows are a newer enemy).

To view different z-levels with the look command, you’ll need to activate Experimental 3D field of vision, which you’ll find in the Options->Debug category.
Unless this is fixed, you’ll need to restart the game after you’ve activated it.

As soon as it’s active, you can also attack upwards with spears (if that’s still possible) and firearms/bows.

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That did it. Thank you! Will remember to mention the version next time, apologies.

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