Getting down from roofs is cumbersome and unintuitive

I find it extremely unintuitive that I can push the “ascend” key to go up on a drainpipe, but the “descend” key along the edge does nothing. If you’re over a drainpipe top graphic, it should work like stairs.
I died once when first starting to play the game because I couldn’t figure out to “examine” empty air to climb down. And that’s a very odd use of the examine command, I believe the only one where you functionally examine empty space. And it’s also kind of dumb to have to do it to jump down. And a selection box as well?

Maybe at an edge without a drainpipe, if you use a “descend” key command, it should ask “climb down in which space?” with a selection space interface (like the (g)et command) if there’s more than one to choose from. (Otherwise it just selects the only adjacent space option and does it.)
Moving off an edge should open the “jump down” (in that square you moved into) and “jump off ledge in that direction” selection dialog box.

All that would make it simpler for everyone and more intuitive for new players.
I would code it, but I don’t know how…

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I didn’t even know you could climb back down off a drain pipe.

I did a lot of falling off of roofs before I figured out (e)xamine.

There are all kinds of unintuitive controls in this game, and it doesn’t help that they change completely in each new update. I have to open the keybind menu just to see which keys scroll any dialog box other than the default one in any given menu (^ and v? Really?). And I believed that firewood/crafting markers were permanent, and had to build my crafting spaces as such, until someone mentioned they could be removed with the 'e’xamine command.

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I just made an account so I could let you know I had no clue you could climb up drain pipes and thank you

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