Is there any way to disable certain zombies from spawning early in the game?

I noticed one big issue with some of the starting scenarios that have “zombies nearby” is that since feral zombies are part of the starting roster they are pretty much a death sentence unless you want to cheese the game with a starting profession that starts with armor or a gun. They’re too fast with their leaping and climb ability so you can’t run away (like the usual strategy for dealing with brutes or tough zombies), and they can inflict severe severe wounds on plainclothes survivors while still having as much health as a normal zombie, which makes fighting them just as impossible (like the usual strategy for faster monsters like dogs).
Is there any way to disable some specific types of zombies to not spawn for the first 24 hours?

I don’t know of any way to disable spawns for a specified time period. I’d say that the “near death sentence” of those starts is why you get a good number of extra points; The point bonus is enough to pay for a higher level profession that starts with combat abilities. It’s not “cheesing” the game to spend the points you get from your starting scenario on a way to survive the scenario. If you don’t want to do that, you may need to take extreme measures like hiding for the entire first day so you can sneak away in the darkness. Or lure the zombies into a burning building. Or whatever else you can come up with.

I typically start those scenarios in the early morning or late at night so I dont have to wait :slight_smile:

well the main issue I have with starting with armed professions is that those items you get at the start will stay with you for quite some time after you get out of the danger zone so it can feel a bit cheesy to me if you manage to survive and going off into the under-levelled areas. But I do see your point.
It can be difficult to find fire starters though.