Frozen water tanks in cars

so, i have my autoclave in my car with a water tank installed. during summer i desinfected lots of dirty cbms … but now, its nearly winter ! the water in my tank, istalled in my car, is frozen… and i have no clue what to do. i ask here, cause i already tried to put a metal tank with frozen water on top of a big fire… its still frozen after lots of time… i had it in my hands while standing near fire … temperature said something above 50 C a few times … the frozen water just keeps on beeing frozen… i have no clue what i can do.
i know that i can use a pot to unfreeze a bottle of water or some frozen meat near a fire… but i need to get a tank unfrozen. would be glad for all information even spoilers, cause i tried what makes sense to me but i could not find a way.

thanx in advance and peace out :slight_smile:

Is leaving the car on no longer prevent stuff from freezing or thawing them out?

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It’ll thaw when it’s underground where it is always 43F. Put the tank in a basement, a mine, a subway station, etc. My current character lives in a multi-level parking garage, where there’s an underground level that a whole car can drive in. It’s not winter yet though.

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OK so: which build of the game are you playing on? Stable, experimental?

The only way I know that works (or used to) was to just have the tank on the same tile as a fire (a brazier for example). Although if it isn’t working now, something fishy must’ve happened or been changed that’s broken it.

If you want to prevent it, craft a “heated tank (60L)”. That way you will never have issues with water freezing again, at the cost of some vehicle battery.

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i do play experimental. i put a tank on the field of a burning bush… without a brazier. i will try it on a brazier again.
thank you very much for the tipp with the heated tank :grin:

Nah a Bush burns out too quickly.
Preferably you want to do it indoors too.

Staying underground is often the best approach, given the temperatures on Z -1 are always stable.

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okay, what worked was putting the tank on a brazier with fire… thing is … i did install the heated tank into my car, filled with lots of water. but i have no clue how to turn it on Oo. i just realized a few minutes ago, that all my water in my tank is frozen again. and i have no clue how to turn the tank on ! and btw my headlights doesnt work anymore too ^^

okay, i think i got it. i googled a lot because of the heated tank… but then ^^ i googled for no headlights! i just have to install some electric controllers into my car and it should work ^.-

Yeah you either have a Dashboard (needed) or an Electronic Control Unit. (preferrably both, honestly).