How do you heat RV internal water tank?

Randomed an outdoors start, with fully functioning Luxury RV parked next to me, but my character is going to be dying of thirst before long, and I cant figure out any way to thaw the RV’s water tank. Do I need to wait for it to thaw before I can do anything with it?

Ugh. Its criminal that I’m about to die a slow death after a start like that.

Hmm, I guess I need a water faucet, odd that one doesn’t come installed… Also not sure if that would make frozen water tank use-able…

Hmm. I’m not allowed to use the stove to cauterize wounds either

I was wondering the same. Now I just create clean water from the frozen water to get it out.

There is a way to remove the tank from RV (by a hacksaw) and then heat up clean water on stove to defrost it. But character at start of the game probably doesn’t have a hacksaw and skill to use it.
Adding hot water can defrost the water in tank, but you will need a hot clean water for that.

As I remember, there was an advice in this topic Winter-proof vehicle tank, to mount car heater near the tank.

Currently liquid temps and item temps are behaving a bit strangely, related to an un-fixed bug in active item processing I think.

For example, I made clean water in my vehicle tank, three days later, its still hot.

And items are sometimes not rotting like they should.

and others im sure

Ah, ok that makes a lot of sense. Thanks guys.

At some point I should learn how to do things like adding faucet to default spawn luxury RV and add it to PR. It makes no sense for a LUXURY RV to not have any spigots for its internal tank IRL there would be at least a sink, and an outside garden hose spigot along with a shower head, possibly both inside and out.