Can no longer reload a canteen

I’m guessing its related to the food temperature stuff. I can Unload into it, just not reload it.

How about Hydration Pack and Plastic Canteen?

It is because your water source is frozen. For example i can’t reload my canteen because the clean water in my vehicle tank freeze at the night. The vehicle screen shows 0% clean water but it also shows i have 27.5L clean water (frozen) in the tank. I think you can defroze water if you load some not frozen water into their container.

So we still have no way of defrosting in a logical manor eh?

I know we can defrost them with kitchen unit also wearing the container make water less prone to freeze. But i think there is no way to defrost liquid if their container is not holdable (aka inventory item).

Last time I checked I couldn’t take frozen water from a toilet. Would be nice to see an ice pick or similar function added to a piercing weapon to gather chunks of ice from such a source to then defrost in say a pot or something with boiling and containing qualities.

Ah…So the items inside my inventory are all set though?

Been having ctd problems after 7965, so I’ve been waiting a while. Only just picked up 8065 and I have yet to test winter stuff.