Is there a way to stop "craft as long as possible"?

Just as the title says. I just could not find any way of doing that.

Wait button, by default ‘.’ (dot).

Or 5 on the NumPad. The same as a dot.
The game is going then to ask for a confirmation. This way can be used to stop any activity.

Neither of those work. Also tried with NumLock on/off just to make sure.

I am in my car making “clear water” “as long as possible”. It has enough solar panels to have pretty much infinite power and a tank + funnel to take in infinite water as well (it’s spring). I already filled the whole clean water tank but still can’t stop it. Pressing “.” or “5” on numpad doesn’t work. Neither does any other key.

Just a bug?

I did find a thread about this issue from year 2013 but really nothing after that.

Can you provide a save file?

I’m not here to help but this is hilarious
here, take a drawing


Have you not recieved a “You’re feeling tired. Stop crafting? Y/N” box?

That’s actually strange. Many tasks like boiling water do not require constant attention. Especially if you’re using electric things like a Kitchen Unit or an Atomic Coffee Maker, these devices should turn off automatically after the water is done boiling.

I had this happen one time, but it was when I first started playing. I don’t remember how I stopped though, I think it was from eventually getting the tired message, but it was so long ago I’m not 100% sure.

It is possible to stop crafting as long as possible activity in latest experimental version using Pause action (5 or .).

Go to keybindings menu, assign some key to this action and use it while crafting.

This is sightly off topic:

I thought i am an experienced CDDA player, but i never noticed a “craft as long as possible” option, only a batch craft.

How do i “craft as long as possible”?
And what happens when i break these crafting loop? Cause if you exit a batch crafting you’ll get nothing.

You can find it under the “Craft…” tab in the action menu or just setting up a keybidding for it. If you break the loop all the item being crafted atm is reset and the previous ones remain.