Is there a way to power the furniture machines lying around the various buildings?

I got myself a lumber mill, with the mill’s machine furniture entities still intact inside its main wood cutting area. I’ve always wondered if I could get them running again because they’d presumably be far more capable at cutting wood into planks and such than a survivor ever could with hand tools. I tried using the heavy duty power cable and the jumper cables as I would usually connect the power systems of two vehicles but that didn’t work and I cannot think of anything else that might work if we can get them running.

Can we even power non-vehicle entities via vehicle power systems? If not, are there plans to do so? I’ve always been able to kajigger up a lamp or powered kitchen for my home but it would be nice if we could have the actual lamp furniture entities be powered and proceed to provide light if on, or in my current case power the wood cutting machines to more efficiently cut wood.

There is a project about it, but no you can’t currently have powered appliance that are not vehicle.

Cool, thanks. Now for the long wait to see whether it actually gets in.

Yeah this would be really awesome to have.

My vision of this would be

I need to make this item it requires me to machine a block of metal and then turn a few parts on a lathe.

Hmmm I dont have such machines I know there is a machine shop a couple of miles away but its near a hoard and machining will create a lot of noise.

There is also a shop in the center of town that sells them but its also surrounded by a hoard.

I know I will sneak into the workshop and load up the lathe and milling machine on my truck (there heavy if their industrial machines so not sure how we get around one person doing it though with an engine crane and time I suppose it can be done).

Any way I will load them up in my truck and transport them to my base and set them up in my workshop.

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