Experimental questions

So, I started playing the newest experimental build. Still haven’t found any Z-levels, I found a NPC camp. I’m playing with static NPC’s only. So I found some ppl belonging to the old guard and merchents guild or something, also a merc. When I hit the " # " key the first couple faction reps seem to be implemented rest are stuck at legendary rep and such. So I have a few missions, are there somewhat working factions now. And the old guard speaks about old forts and ships, I know this isn’t implemented most likely already but will it be? And are we able to rank up in these factions that are in so far? I haven’t gotten to far with this guy so I guess I’ll find out if I survive long enough.

Yes, gaining more faction rep and being able to do special quests and get favors from them is planned, but not implemented.

Alright, sounds good. I can honestly say I was pretty damn happy and excited to see a NPC camp. Nice job so far. I think the NPC and random missions will bring life back into this for me.