Is there a point to the Webbing Belt?

Is there anything useful you can do with the webbing belt? You can’t butcher or disassemble it (I would think you should be able to get a short rope out of it - it’s made of parachute cord, right?) and I don’t think it adds to storage or can apply-store anything.

Am I missing something?

It’s very good at making people ask what it’s for, if nothing else.


Point taken, but you can’t even tuck a sling into it like the leather belt (I would argue that you should be able to tuck a sling into all belts (tool, firemen’s, etc) - but that is beyond this one.

Keep in mind, this game is basically in alpha. There are a lot of things that aren’t finished.
It’s quite possible that there will be uses added to the webbing belt further down the line (or you can contribute them by yourself, if you want).
There are also a lot of “useless” kitchenware at the moment. If in doubt, it still burns or can be thrown into a recycler, if these things still exist.

Oh I know, and I’m not criticizing an any way. I’m continually in awe in how detailed and complex this game is. It was just only recently that I figured out I could store a sling in a leather belt and I just figured I was missing something cool you can do with the webbing belt.

back in cooper I think the webbing belt was the final word in storage offering ludicrous volume for almost no encumberance or weight
looking around it seems like there’s some new “nesting” code that may have left the old girl out to pasture before a dozen plastic bags could share the load of a ten pack of two by fours now everything has to make sense and fit